Monday, 25 June 2018

DevOps Course Free Tutorials

DevOps (Development & Operations) is a practice that define the effective cooperation between IT Operations and Software developers.

Skillogic is providing DevOps course training for Classroom and Online mode.

For Classroom training locations are Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi.

Below are the upcoming training batches for DevOps Certifications.

Classroom Trainings
DevOps Foundation
Date: 30 June'18
2 Days 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Venue: Regus Business Center ,Vadapalani, Arcot Road, Saligramam, Chennai

Date: 14 July'18
2 Days 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Venue: Novel Center, BTM, Bangalore

Date: 14 July'18
2 Days 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Venue: Miyapur, Hyderabad

Onine Training

Date: 16 July'18
5 days (8:00 PM - 10:30 PM)

Monday, 12 March 2018

The Benefits Of Using Jenkins And How It Supports Continuous Integration

Jenkins is a highly efficient automation tool made to enhance continuous integration. It is written in Java and is popular in many big industries all over the world. This popularity is not without reason as Jenkins has transformed the functioning of many big business houses making them more innovative and zestful. It has many benefits such as that it is accessible free of cost and the professional training prices are also extremely reasonable. It is highly user-friendly and promotes community support and continuous integration to the fullest. A few, out of the numerous benefits of Jenkins are given below.

Great Community Support

Community support is the need of the hour in many prestige companies as the idea of team work, collaboration, and collective goals have started to seep into the system. Tools such as Jenkins assist in making the working of this community support easier by making everything user-friendly and as easy as possible. It is lined up to the latest technologies and provides any working team with the best possible solution for every problem. The software that one finally delivers will be massively integrated with new-world testing techniques.

Free Of Cost And Accessible In All Key Platforms

The best part about Jenkins is that it comes free of value to all users. It is a miracle that a tool with this level of facilities is accessible to the entire world without any investment on their part. It is possible to integrate Jenkins with all the high platforms as it is written in Java which is one of the most popular of all programming languages. The quality of work that can be done using this automation tool is truly astonishing.

Transformed Continuous Integration

Continuous integration has been in the business forum for quite some time now as it is extremely helpful in making groups figure out problems early on in the project. When we combine these two pillars of innovation- Jenkins and Continuous Integration, the result is marvelous. Jenkins picks out even the smallest glitches in the continuous integration program and fixes it. It helps to test every fragment in the source code, unlike other tools that only do the checking after the entire system is build up. The results are available as soon as the commit is made in the source code. Unlike other automation tools, where the process is manual; in Jenkins after the initial work everything else is automatic.

Jenkins Training Is Highly Beneficial

Getting a Jenkins training and certification is extremely valuable especially in today's time as the demand for professionals efficient in Jenkins is at its peak. Most of the Jenkins training programs along with continuous integration courses are reasonably priced so that it can be accessible to people from all walks of life. This training is prestigious and could be beneficial in making you a prime candidate for highly desired jobs in many multi-national companies, and it also makes you efficient in everything you pursue.

SKILLOGIC® is providing DevOps training in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Delhi and Mumbai along with popular tools like Jenkins. And also recently started DevOps training in Hyderabad city also.

What is DevOps

SKILLOGIC LVC training Vs Classroom Training

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Agile Methodology And Its Characteristics Pertaining To Software Development

Agile Methodology and its Characteristics

Agile – What is it?

Agile is a methodology based on the iterative model of software development. This methodology is prone to change over the period of time constantly engaging with end users for their feedback and updates. The main goal of agile methodology is culmination of cross function iterations to produce a working model of the software.
The leadership in agile methodology promotes the teamwork, proper communication and accountability to the developers. The main focus remains amalgamation of business ideas and developer expertise to create a product achieving the company goals and expectation of the customers.

Major Principles of Agile Methodology

  1. The idea is to swiftly fabricate a valuable software for customer satisfaction 
  2. Open structure for changes that can be made last minute to give the client a competitive edge over its competition. 
  3. The turnaround time for product delivery is very short. Effective software is built in very less time. 
  4. Simplicity is the key. Complex structures are generally not encouraged. 
  5. There is a constant focus on technical excellence and design quality to increase the dexterity of the software. 
  6. A proper software in its working stage is the actual count of development 
  7. Team should be motivated to work as a cohesive unit to deliver a working product 
  8. Regular review of the progress made, in depth analysis to keep the work on its correct path.

Advantages of Agile Methodology

Agile methodology has come across a great transition from being light software approach following the rigid waterfall methodology to free flowing flexible technology it is today.

Here we have listed the primary advantages of this methodology:

  1. Change is the only constant: With flexible and open ended approach, it has become rather easy to accommodate changes during the tenure of development 
  2. The end goal is not clearly defined. The end goal gets prominence as and when the project progress 
  3. Quicker and better deliverables: The ideology works on the synergies of iterations that permits the team focus on more precise and high quality production, control and testing. 
  4. Great interdepartmental communication: The agile methodology promotes healthy and continuous communication between the working teams. Individual team members take up responsibility to own up and deliver 
  5. Client feedback is taken. Clients are heard and their inputs and feedbacks are considered and implemented in the work process.

Disadvantages of Agile

  1. The planning should be consolidated: Owing to the fluid structure of the Agilemethodology it sometime becomes difficult to make a concrete plan. Hence product delivery within the stipulated time line may not be possible. 
  2. Team should be highly efficient, as agile teams work with a small manpower so they have to be highly skilled in their job 
  3. Less priority is given to documentation: The agile teams prefer working on developing software rather than keeping a document trail. It is always suggested to find the right balance of documentation and discussion. 
  4. Impact on the final product: The flexibility of agile may lead to a compromise on the desired quality of product.
SKILLOGIC is providing agile training in INDIA. As a part of this you can opt for PRICNE2 Agile training, PMI ACP and CSM (certified scrum master) training in Bangalore. SKILLOGIC also provides PRINCE2, PMP, Six Sigma, DevOps and ITIL training courses in INDIA.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Introduction plus PMI-ACP courses across India training centers

PMI-ACP Course Training

The PMI-ACP course is greatly renowned and is widely practised by trained and certified individuals across the globe. The PMI-ACP is basically an agile training course on completion of which the trained and qualified individual in the PMI-ACP examination is granted with a certificate of completion from the PMI institute. The main aim of this widely accepted course is to provide individuals and professionals with the required knowledge and also the skill to perform agile methodologies, understand the agile principles and also work the different agile tools and technologies.
With every passing day the PMI- ACP course is gathering importance, and it is due to this demand that a number of centres have surfaced to provide assistance with the course. One of the best institutes to offer internationally recognised training of similar standards is the Skillogic Knowledge Solutions. The centre has branches all over the country that provides both class room based and online training to professionals.

Monday, 4 September 2017

All You Need To Know How To Self – Assess Agility

Self – Assess Agility

Agile is giving responsibility to people, and it can be achieved by self-organization through adaptation and continuous improvement. It is through scrum training and certification that fulfills the vision of Agile manifesto. In the recent times, it has been found that in every organization there is a scrum team. When the organizations are keen on increasing their agility, they are embracing framework like Scrum or Kanban for starting an agile movement. In any organization, self-assessing agility helps the team to assess their agility and what they can do next for enhancing their agility. It is a tool to keep the transformation of the employees of an organization on track. 

Agile Self-Assessment 

Agile framework or methods like Scrum will not tell an individual how to increase agility; it is only you to find the way by finding out where the improvement is required and how you can do to improve your performance. With the use of Agile Retrospectives, the teams of organizations inspect and adapt to the way of working. Usually, retrospectives look at the sprint for defining actions for next one. Self-assessment is a tool that tells you where you currently stand and where will you go next. An agile team of an organization can make use of self-assessment for determining their performance level.

Contact SKILLOGIC™, if you are looking for Agile training in Bangalore. You can opt for Scrum certification and PRINCE2 agile training with SKILLOGIC.

Travel Your Agile Journey Well 

To become agile, you have to find the way of your own. It is a journey of continual improvement. If you are keen on travel the journey well, before your travel, you must think how to travel and where to go. A team of an organization comprises of several members, and each has different ideas, making use of self-assessment, the teams put the ideas into work. Eventually, this helps the team members to determine their agility and what else they can do for increasing agility for delivering more value to the stakeholders and the customers. If you are a part of a team in your organization and want to increase your agility, then there is no other better option than enrolling for scrum course. 

About Scrum Certification 

Scrum certification fosters productivity, greater collaboration, and success among the members of the team. It is a global movement and has become immensely popular across the globe. When you join the course, you will get in-depth knowledge as for how to make stronger contributions to the success of the team through hands-on training. At the end of the course, you will become a certified professional and will bag a job in a reputed organization. It has been found that scrum experts are high in demand among the MNCs as the productivity of an organization depends on the output given by the employees. Join a premium institute and become a pro.

If you are looking for Scrum certification training in Bangalore, consult SKILLOGIC™.

Play Game

If you are keen on knowing how agile you are and what further you can do for enhancing agility, then playing agile self-assessment game is the ultimate option. You can make use of the game for chartering teams. To get started, download the game and start playing with your team members.

SKILLOGIC™ Institute is one of the leading training centers in INDIA for PRINCE2 Agile Training, Scrum Training and ITIL Training courses. Classroom training available at Bangalore, Chennai and Pune. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

ITIL, PMP, Or PRINCE2 – Which Program Should You Opt For?

Getting certified on the best practices of project management can fetch you significant impetus for career growth. However, picking the most appropriate certificate program can turn to a daunting task. This article shall extend you the necessary guidance for selecting the right certification program.

The Programs And Their Accrediting Bodies  

IITL stands as the acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library and it’s applied for managing and delivering IT services. As for PMP, which is the abbreviation for the certification for Project Management professionals, deals with the probable ways for attaining higher efficiency to run the projects successfully. PRINCE2 suggests the probable methodologies to attain the improvements, proposed.

AXELOS stands as the accrediting body for PRINCE2 and ITIL and holds the entire ownership on these certifications. You need to approach the Project Management Institute for the PMP accreditation. 

The Steps To Attain These Certification Programs

These certification programs follow its respective paths and you need to keep on attaining the objectives to attain the certification. The PRINCE2 program has options for the foundation and practitioner levels. If you are opting for the ITIL certification, the Pyramid rises in levels like basic, intermediary, MALC, expert, as well as the master level. However, for PMP certification, there are no as such levels.

The Probable Ways For Companies To Use These Certifications 

PIRNCE2 and PMP are recognized globally and considered the top choices among the project management professionals. These certificate programs have been conceived in a manner to enhance the efficiency and to boost the project performance.  

ITIL is considered the best certification program to manage IT services and it includes various model practices, directed towards the creation, execution as well as managing IT services of an organization.

How these certifications differ from each other?

PRINCE2 is a methodology that revolves around a specific process and extends detailed guidance to deliver projects, efficiently and successfully, and meeting a set pre-designed business objective. The Fundamentals of PMP find its basics on the provision, set by PMI. ITIL, another alternative for process-oriented certification program, aims towards efficiently managing IT service delivery. 

The Potentials For The Holders Of These Certifications 

Being a component to the model practices as the Office of Govt. commerce in the United Kingdom conceived, PRINCE 2 is the globally accepted standard for project management, due to its scalability and practicality. 

The fundamental of PMP certification developed in the US soils and as on date, it holds a global reputation for including robust content. As the most effective way to explore, conceive, deliver and supporting IT services, IITL is valued globally.

Which Program Should You Opt For?

The priorities of these certification programs vary from one company to another and in between the industries, it serves. Thus, the choice of the certification program should be made in a style it matches your professional objectives and goals. 

Should You Consider Attaining More Than One Certification? 

If you attain more than one certification, you will acquire the knowledge of all these programs that will enable you to combine the pros from all such certification programs that will produce better career opportunities.

SKILLOGIC™ Knowledge Solutions is providing training and certification for PMP, PRINCE2, and ITIL (Foundation, Intermediate, Expert & Practitioner).

If you are looking for classroom training in Bangalore please visit below links

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