Tuesday, 15 December 2015

PRINCE2 Agile Training – a new way to get successful in Project Management

Presently a number of candidates who are fetching jobs in project management are getting themselves trained in various courses such as the PRINCE2. Though there are a number of institutes available right now in the country that offer training in various Project Management courses but the most demanded institute at present in the Skillogic. People offer Skillogic their first preference because it is internationally recognized and also because it has a standardized method of training. 

Skillogic PRINCE2 Agile Certification

Along with the various methods of training in PRINCE2 that Skillogic offers to its candidates, one more method has been recently added and this is the PRINCE2 Agile Training. 

PRINCE2 Agile Training in India

Skillogic has been offering training sessions for PRINCE2 Agile both through online sessions and also through classroom sessions. In India there are still seven cities that have classroom sessions of training and these cities are Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Trivandrum, Pune and Chennai. Apart from these cities other cities have online training sessions and have also recently introduced the Agile Training. 

Understanding PRINCE2 Agile Training

Mainly PRINCE2 Agile Training is said to be the extension of the PRINCE2 training sessions. It is for those who are already trained in PRINCE2 and wish to deal with agile concepts and methods of the organization with more control and governance. Hence today a number of organizations are opting for training candidates in PRINCE2 Agile training for better results. 

The course is also an interface in between agile approached for product and PRINCE2 methods for control. Normally it is said that candidates who have already taken training in PRINCE2 will find the training of PRINCE2 Agile different from each other. The main concept here remains to understand both the approaches and to adapt both to each other. 

The training sessions for PRINCE2 Agile are also supported by theories, practical sessions and others for better understanding. 

Monday, 9 November 2015

Skillogic Knowledge Solutions ITIL Training Classes in Bangalore

Skillogic Knowledge Solutions is one prime training institute in Bangalore providing ITIL Training for IT professionals. Since last 2 years Skillogic trained many professionals in ITIL. If you are looking for ITIL Training in Bangalore / Bengaluru here are the Skillogic training schedules in coming days.

ITIL Course Details

ITIL Course Fees: 11,900 Rs/-
Training Classes: 2 days
Timing: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Certification Exam Fee & Materials Hardcopy Included in fees.
Training centre: Novel Business Center, BTM 1st stage, Bangalore

Training Dates:
21st November 2015
5th December 2015
19th December 2015

Previous ITIL Trainees Reviews

Monday, 14 September 2015

Knowing about Master Black Belts and their demand in organizations

Among various project management processes, Six Sigma is known to be the one of the most commonly practiced methods in various private and public firms now. Proper grading of different employees in the organization in belts allows the system to work in a streamlines manner. The Blacks Belts are someone who is known to manage the method and related issues in an organization. Thus, a good Black Belt can take the organization to a new height with great results with less wastage. 

There are different ways how these Black belts work to lead the company and take it to a new height of profit and success. Some follow the path of leadership in order to make changes and improvements in the organization, while some follow the consultative way where they work as a team. These Black Belts are capable to be a Master Black Belt. Master Black Belt training consists of DFSS method, Lean approach, Integration of initiatives, Cross-cultural project leaderships, Strategic project selection and performance management. Some other skills that are there in the training are coaching skills, training skills and consulting skills. 

Six Sigma Master Black Belts

Recruiting of a certified Master Black Belt

Nowadays companies are looking for candidates who are already a certified Master Black Belt. But some of these companies scrutinize strictly the certification of the candidates because now there are a number of places from where the candidates can get certification in courses. There are some common parameters that the companies check before they hire a certified Master Black Belt. 

Apart from completing the Master Black Belt exam, the candidate should have additional training program for Master Black Belt training. The candidate should also have experience in additional projects with significant success and also must have the experience of coaching other belts. If a candidate has an experience in some previous organization, then they can be also asked about development of six sigma approach in the organization through various tools. 

Scrutinizing of the candidates is important because hiring a Master Black Belt is an expensive matter for the organizations. So, it is very much important that a candidate should be recruited after proper examination and checking. 

Should one hire professionals or develop their own?

Nowadays a number of organizations are brainstorming and arguing on the topic that whether the professional Master Black Belts should be recruited from outside or should be internally trained. There are both positive and negative view points for both the sides. Candidates who are internally trained have a better knowledge about the system and processes of the organization. But they have to go through extensive training process that may consume lot of time and money before getting results. 

On other hand if talked about the candidates getting recruiting from outside, they have a fresh view about the organization and also they deliver fast results as they are already trained. But again these candidates are expensive because they claim for high salary package. 

Whatever may be the case, having a Master Black Belt in an organization is always a good thing. The professionals have exposure over different departments and hence they can help in different ways to the organization. 

Skillogic Knowledge Solutions is providing Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Training in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore/Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi. Register today for your training classes.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Skillogic Chennai Training Schedules

Skillogic Knowledge Solutions is one of the fastest growing management courses training centre in India. Skillogic is providing training for PMP Certification, ITIL Courses and PRINCE2 certification. Skillogic Chennai training centre announced training schedules for September’15 and October’15. Here are the details

Skillogic Chennai Training Schedules

PMP Training: Project Management Professional (PMP) is an internationally recognized professional designation offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). (Ref: Wikipedia)

Training Date: 12Sep2015 & 10Oct2015
# of days for training: 4Days

If you are looking for PMP Course in Chennai, then schedule your training in September or October.

ITIL Training: ITIL, formerly known as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business. (Ref: Wikipedia)

Training Date: 18Sep2015 & 16Oct2015
# of days for training: 2Days

PRINCE2 Training: PRINCE2 (an acronym for PRojects IN a Controlled Environment, version 2) is a project management methodology. The methodology encompasses the high level management, control and organisation of a project, but not lower level activities such as scheduling. PRINCE2 is also used to refer to the training and accreditation of authorised practitioners of the methodology who must undertake accredited qualifications to obtain certification.
(Ref: Wikipedia)

Training Date: 18Sep2015
# of days for training: 3Days

Training Centre: Regus Business Center, Vadapalani, Arcot Road, Saligramam, Chennai

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Follow these ten tips to pass the ITIL V3 Foundation Exam

For getting a certification by appearing in ITIL V3 Foundation Exam many candidates join classes and many other depend on self study. But whatever may be the channel, a correct way of preparing is required to pass in such examination. If you are preparing for such an examination, then you can follow these ten tips to pass such an examination. 

Skillogic ITIL Foundation V3 Training

Practicing Well
To practice in the correct way, you can take sample exams or sample question papers from the site of APMG. Along with the sample papers you should also follow the Answer Rationales that will provide you information about each question such why a particular answer is correct or where can you find the answer. 

Reading Carefully
In the exam center or even while practicing with the sample papers, it is very much important to read every question and also the answer options properly. While skimming over the paper, you may skip some important points. Hence it is important that you should read everything properly and if required then also twice before answering. 

Thinking ITIL
Professional individuals often tend to answer questions based on their experience in an organization. This can lead to wrong answers and hence you should answer what is there in your ITIL guide. 

Knowing the Keywords
There can be various definitions with certain keywords. It is important to remember these keywords because without them, the whole definition may seem invalid. 

Using Measurable Targets
It is always important to use simple languages while answering your questions and at the same time it is also important to use measurable targets to prove an equation. 

Delivering Value
Always remember that if something is not delivering value then, it does not have any worth. 

Service Design
Five Aspects of Service Design is a part of the ITIL V3 Foundation Course. It is important to remember the five aspects and a very easy thing to do so is with the acronym ‘STAMP’ meaning Service, Tools, Architectures, Measurement and Processes. 

Avoid Confusions
Be clear about various terms used and hence try to stay away from confusions such as that between Service Catalogue and Service Portfolio. 

Knowing the Business Value
Each phase of ITIL provides value to a business and this is important for you to know that which phase will provide what value. 

Connecting processes with Phases
You will be provided different phases or books with different processes. Try to remember well that which phase or book has which process. 

So, these are the ten tips that can help you in passing the ITIL V3 Foundation Exam. Apart from these tips you also have tips such as relaxing before entering a exam center and others. 

Skillogic Knowledge Solutions is providing ITIL training in India across many metro cities. Online training also available for ITIL Course. Recently Skillogic started classroom courses in Delhi and Mumbai. Now if you are looking to take ITIL Course in Mumbai visit Skillogic Mumbai Centre. And also if you are planning take ITIL certification from Delhi visit Skillogic Delhi Training centre.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Hyderabad PMP Training Classes Details

Skillogic Knowledge Solutions is top training institute for PMP Training in Hyderabad. Defiantly Skillogic is one of the best options for PMP course in Hyderabad. We know that Hyderabad is also having many IT companies and one of the fastest growing city. Many of project managers who work for Hyderabad IT firms done their PMP certification with the guidance of Skillogic. For convenience the classes will conduct on weekends. Skillogic Announced PMP classes Schedules for July, August and September for 2015. Here are the details,

Skillogic PMP Training

PMP Training Dates in Hyderabad

July: 10th July 2015 (4days)

August: 8th August 2015 (4days)

September: 5th August 2015 (4days)

Timings: Morning 9.30 am to evening 5.30 pm
Training Centre: iKeva Business Center, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Fees: 10,900 Rupees /-

Why Skillogic for PMP Training Course

PMP Exam Details

PMP Certification exam is conducted and governed by the PMI Institute.
The exam fee is $405 for PMI members
For non PMI members $555.
For Re-Examination fee is $275 for PMI members and $375 for non-members.

PMP Certificate validity: 3 years.

For more details visit: http://in.skillogic.com/

Monday, 15 June 2015

The need to have the method of Six Sigma in an organization

market but also to go ahead of each other. For doing so it is necessary that an organization should come up with such products that can gain high customer satisfaction. In making such products, often the organizations waste high amount of resources that ultimately balances the revenue earned by selling the products. So, though there is a high amount of sale and customer satisfaction, but the profit level is not up to the mark. For such situations, a number of organizations are implementing various tools and techniques such as Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a method using which, the quality of the product and the customer satisfaction is maintained and at the same times, the wastage of resources is also controlled. But the point is that using the method Six Sigma in each and every situation can be actually a wrong decision at times. The method of Six Sigma consists of six different goals. But there are cases when organizations implement Six Sigma just to achieve 3-4 goals. This particular situation can be rather handled by some other tool and technique available in place of Six Sigma those are equally reliable in nature. 

Need of Six Sigma Process in Organization

Goals of Six Sigma

In order to go further with the argument, it is important to know the various six goals of Six Sigma.

  • The method Six Sigma offers eight phases in achieving the goals of the organization. These eight phases are recognizing, defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, controlling, standardizing and integrating.
  • In the process of Six Sigma, such questions are asked for which quantifiable answers are searched so that the organization can have good profitable outcomes.
  • The method of Six Sigma mainly provides the benefit of increased profitability. Along with this, the method also has to offer good quality and high efficiency.
  • The method Six Sigma offers a situation where there are only 3.4 defects in a million opportunities.
  • The goals are achieved through a number of highly focused systems of problem solving that comes under the breakthrough strategy.
  • The main focus of Six Sigma is also to help the organization making saving by developing the issues at the root levels.

Reasons of why Six Sigma is not applicable at all places

If you have gone through the six goals of the method Six Sigma, you must have understood the fact that the method consists of some highly focused systems that intends to develop the root levels in order to provide quality, efficiency and savings. 

But the fact is that all the situations don’t need root level treatment. There are situations where you just need to have the solution for that particular problem. In this case if you will implement Six Sigma, then there will be a waste of time and also may be the method may come up with a wrong solution. It will be far better if you use some other tools relevant to the problem. So, it is very important to think about the problem before implementing the method Six Sigma for a particular problem in your organization. 

Skillogic Knowledge Solutions is providing best training for Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. If you are looking for Six Sigma Courses in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, visit Skillogic. In these locations classroom training is available. Skillogic is also providing online training for SixSigma.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Skip these seven common mistakes to pass well in ITIL Foundation certification exam

ITIL is known to be the gateway for IT service management and hence many people are now taking this exam. Though the exam is not very difficult but still there are many people who fail in it due to some very common mistakes that they often do. As per the ITIL Certification exam pattern, there are 40 questions from where you have to answer correctly a minimum of 26 questions, thus the passing mark is 65 percent. But if the common mistakes are taken care of then anyone can score above 90 percent very easily. 

Skillogic ITIL Training

Answers based on experience

People who apply for the ITIL test are often professionals who come from some of the best industries with an experience of many years. But they should understand that it is not necessary that the systems implemented at their workplace are as per the ITIL systems. So, when they try to answer a question as per their experience in their work field, then chances are high that the answer gets wrong. It is important that they should properly go through the materials provided and answer accordingly. 

Lack of Preparation

Many people think that just going through the materials and books for once can get them the passing score of 65 percent. But in fact, it is very much necessary that you should properly read the books and understand the topics so that you can answer questions of any type. Often taking chances with less preparation can land you up in trouble. Always aim for 100 percent, then only you can gain a good score. 

Textbook definitions

It is understandable that it can be a difficult task of memorizing various definitions. But it is important to provide proper definitions in ITIL test to get good score. 

Rushing while reading

Never do this mistake of rushing while reading the question. Always read the question two times to understand it properly before answering it. 

Trick questions

Tricky questions are very common pattern for the ITIL certification tests. These are there to check that you have understood the topics well and have not memorized the materials just in order to pass the test. So, get prepared of it beforehand. 

Gap between training and exam

This can be actually a risk. It is important to stay in practice in order to excel in the ITIL certificate exam. 

Answering dump questions

Though practicing a number of questions can be a good thing but at times the dump questions can be a wrong way. It is always advised to practice from the sample question papers prescribed for ITIL. 

Skillogic Is providing best ITIL Training in India, Recently opened classroom training in Delhi and Mumbai locations. Thus, If you are looking for ITIL Training in Delhi or ITIL Training Mumbai, visit Skillogic.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Structured Project Management related PRINCE2 Training Courses

Project Management can be defined as the summarization of various methods such as planning, staffing, controlling, and organizing and others with the help of skills and techniques in an organization. When these methods and processes are properly documented in a written form, it is named as structured project management. PRINCE2 is a structured project management with a logical approach and has been developed for project and organizations of all sizes.

The beginning of the process was in the year of 1989 when Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency established PRINCE. Later in the year of 1996, specialists of project management from almost 150 private and public sector firms reviewed the quality and after implementing certain changes in the method, the process again got released in the month of October. Since that very time PRINCE2 is considered to be the best approach to meet various demands and needs of different project related organizations. It has been standardized internationally and is accepted by many private and public firms globally. This is the reason why the training courses for PRINCE2 have also come into demand. 

The training course for PRINCE2 includes step wise processes and series of methods that are used in the project management since starting till end. It also covers various points about how and where the method can be applied during a project. There are two options of getting trained in PRINCE2. The first option is the Foundation training course for PRINCE2 and the second option is the Foundation training course along with the Practitioner training course of PRINCE2. 

Foundation Training Course

The Foundation training course for PRINCE2 is mainly an introduction to the basic components and methods of the process PRINCE2. Some of the basic objectives of the Foundation training course are:-
  • To know about the factors that helps a project in getting delivered as per the expectations set, 
  • To know about the techniques and components of PRINCE2, 
  • To know how to use the terminology of PRINCE2, 
  • Sitting for the test of PRINCE2 Foundation Certification is the last step. 

Practitioner Training Course

The Practitioner Training Course for PRINCE2 comes in compilation with the Foundation Training Course of PRINCE2. This training course also covers about various process and techniques used in project management along with the basic components that have been trained in the Foundation Course. This particular training also includes case studies and group examinations that finally help an individual to become a practitioner in PRINCE2 process. The various objectives of the Practitioner Training Course of PRINCE2 consist of the following: 
  • How to implement the process of PRINCE2 in different projects?
  • What are the terminologies used in the process of PRINCE2?
  • How to apply the process of PRINCE2 at various scenarios?
  • Final step is to sit for the test of PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification. 

Both the courses of PRINCE2 Foundation Training Course and PRINCE2 Practitioner Training Course can help an individual to put a weight on their resumes and also to make the individuals confident to work in different situations of Project Management.

Skillogic PRINCE2 Certification Training

Now, Skillogic is providing PRINCE2 Training in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. Visit nearest Skillogic centre and schedule your classes.

Follow our 'Skillogic Blogspot' for regular updates about Skillogic training courses.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

IBM sets forward for business analytics solutions

IBM, a well known technology giant is in the field of introducing various organizations with the modern technologies each time for better solutions. This time IBM claimed its ventures in business analytics solutions for various organizations and companies in India. For the same IBM also has been focusing on strengthening its operations and portfolio in access management and business analytics. 

IBM is into hardware since quite a long time and a number of software companies depend on IBM for developing software. Due to such reputation in the market, IBM is now also a part of the software companies that are into developing access management software and business analytics. This particular segment of business analytics software development at present is contributing a good amount to the revenues of various countries worldwide.

IBM sets forward for business analytics solutions

IBM acquiring Cognos

The India/ South Asia Director of IBM Software Group Mr. Pradeep Nair claims that though adoption of systems like business analytics is slow in India but there are very high chances that IBM will be successful in offering the software to many companies in the country soon in next few months. This will be also seen as a mark of growth for the country and hence the director foresees good opportunities for various companies adopting the system in India and also for IBM who will be providing such software to the Indian companies. 

The company is so very confident for growth in business analytics systems after acquiring the Cognos of Canada in the year 2008. It is said and also noticed that Cognos has helped the company in strengthening its portfolio and also growing in various segments such as of data and content management, business consulting services, information integration and many others. 

Benefits of introducing business analytics system in Indian market

At present IBM is trying to introduce the system of business analytics in sectors like insurance, telecom and banking. Some of the big brands in telecom, and financial fields are targeted by the company so that a platform for the introduction and popularity of the software platform business analytics can be featured in the country. 

Not only IBM, but the companies using the system will definitely experience growth and prosperity in their working. Mr. Nair has provided an example of banks using the system to prove this point. He mentioned that the banks can use the system of business analytics in checking and keeping track record of the customer profiles and also for maintaining other various data of the organization. The system will obviously help in bringing in new business ventures for the organizations, but also will help in retaining the existing data from time to time. 

Mr. Nair similarly also mentioned the benefits that the telecom services will gain from the business analytics system. The system will extend its help to the telecom services in suggesting different plans to both existing subscribers as well as the new subscribers. Similarly they will also use the technique in other services. 

The research firm IDC has claimed that the application of business analytics system in various Indian companies has seen 7% growth till now and there are more options for growth in recent future.

Skillogic Business Analytics Training

Skillogic Knowledge Solutions is providing Business Analytics Training in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Delhi. Visit website for more details..

All the Best.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Did you fail in the PMP exam? These can be some of the reasons

There are a number of people who have appeared in the PMP test and claimed it to be perfect but they ultimately fail. These can lead to lack of confidence and also at times it hurts the ego of many people. But what can be the reasons for such a failure after a great preparation? So, apart from the theoretical knowledge there are some other factors also that have to be corrected and perfected to excel in PMP exam. Some of such factors are explained underneath that must have lead to your failure in the PMP Certification exam

Over Confidence
Many of the experienced project managers are often over confident because they think they have practical knowledge and hence they can easily crack the exam. But the fact is that theory is far different than practicality. In practical you may have handled a project and may have solved the problems in it. But when you get questions in the exam regarding the risk management techniques then you are not sure about the answer. 

This is the result when you do not take the exam seriously and you often have a misconception that you do not have to prepare as you already have field work experience. You may have 20 years or 50 years experience but still it is very important to learn various methods and to prepare well for your test. 

Problem in language
PMP test have questions in English language. So, if you are not friendly with the language then you may have trouble in cracking the test. This is because people who are not fluent in English take long to read and understand a question and then translate their answers again to English. Adapting the similar method for each and every question consumes a lot of time and hence the candidate is not able to complete all the answers. 

Formula Questions
There will be a number of questions that needs formulas to solve and get the answers. This requires memorizing different formulas and then putting them at proper places. This can be a difficult thing for many of the candidates. Often some people forget some of the formulas or some people are sure about which formula should be applicable for which question. 

To simplify such a situation a very simple way is to practice a lot of test papers and also to have some practical knowledge about the field. If you have solved some of the practical problems then there are chances they you get confidence and also you have a wide perspective of understanding problems. 

Not picking the proper study materials
The first thing that you need to take care when you are opting for PMP test is your study materials. If you are not preparing from a proper material then you can land up in trouble during your exam session. You should have the latest version of PMBOK Guide and similar materials for your preparation. Also it would be great if you get take guidance and help from a proper IT institute. 

Skillogic Knowledge Solutions is top institute for PMP Training in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune etc..

All the Best!..