Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Did you fail in the PMP exam? These can be some of the reasons

There are a number of people who have appeared in the PMP test and claimed it to be perfect but they ultimately fail. These can lead to lack of confidence and also at times it hurts the ego of many people. But what can be the reasons for such a failure after a great preparation? So, apart from the theoretical knowledge there are some other factors also that have to be corrected and perfected to excel in PMP exam. Some of such factors are explained underneath that must have lead to your failure in the PMP Certification exam

Over Confidence
Many of the experienced project managers are often over confident because they think they have practical knowledge and hence they can easily crack the exam. But the fact is that theory is far different than practicality. In practical you may have handled a project and may have solved the problems in it. But when you get questions in the exam regarding the risk management techniques then you are not sure about the answer. 

This is the result when you do not take the exam seriously and you often have a misconception that you do not have to prepare as you already have field work experience. You may have 20 years or 50 years experience but still it is very important to learn various methods and to prepare well for your test. 

Problem in language
PMP test have questions in English language. So, if you are not friendly with the language then you may have trouble in cracking the test. This is because people who are not fluent in English take long to read and understand a question and then translate their answers again to English. Adapting the similar method for each and every question consumes a lot of time and hence the candidate is not able to complete all the answers. 

Formula Questions
There will be a number of questions that needs formulas to solve and get the answers. This requires memorizing different formulas and then putting them at proper places. This can be a difficult thing for many of the candidates. Often some people forget some of the formulas or some people are sure about which formula should be applicable for which question. 

To simplify such a situation a very simple way is to practice a lot of test papers and also to have some practical knowledge about the field. If you have solved some of the practical problems then there are chances they you get confidence and also you have a wide perspective of understanding problems. 

Not picking the proper study materials
The first thing that you need to take care when you are opting for PMP test is your study materials. If you are not preparing from a proper material then you can land up in trouble during your exam session. You should have the latest version of PMBOK Guide and similar materials for your preparation. Also it would be great if you get take guidance and help from a proper IT institute. 

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