Tuesday, 10 March 2015

IBM sets forward for business analytics solutions

IBM, a well known technology giant is in the field of introducing various organizations with the modern technologies each time for better solutions. This time IBM claimed its ventures in business analytics solutions for various organizations and companies in India. For the same IBM also has been focusing on strengthening its operations and portfolio in access management and business analytics. 

IBM is into hardware since quite a long time and a number of software companies depend on IBM for developing software. Due to such reputation in the market, IBM is now also a part of the software companies that are into developing access management software and business analytics. This particular segment of business analytics software development at present is contributing a good amount to the revenues of various countries worldwide.

IBM sets forward for business analytics solutions

IBM acquiring Cognos

The India/ South Asia Director of IBM Software Group Mr. Pradeep Nair claims that though adoption of systems like business analytics is slow in India but there are very high chances that IBM will be successful in offering the software to many companies in the country soon in next few months. This will be also seen as a mark of growth for the country and hence the director foresees good opportunities for various companies adopting the system in India and also for IBM who will be providing such software to the Indian companies. 

The company is so very confident for growth in business analytics systems after acquiring the Cognos of Canada in the year 2008. It is said and also noticed that Cognos has helped the company in strengthening its portfolio and also growing in various segments such as of data and content management, business consulting services, information integration and many others. 

Benefits of introducing business analytics system in Indian market

At present IBM is trying to introduce the system of business analytics in sectors like insurance, telecom and banking. Some of the big brands in telecom, and financial fields are targeted by the company so that a platform for the introduction and popularity of the software platform business analytics can be featured in the country. 

Not only IBM, but the companies using the system will definitely experience growth and prosperity in their working. Mr. Nair has provided an example of banks using the system to prove this point. He mentioned that the banks can use the system of business analytics in checking and keeping track record of the customer profiles and also for maintaining other various data of the organization. The system will obviously help in bringing in new business ventures for the organizations, but also will help in retaining the existing data from time to time. 

Mr. Nair similarly also mentioned the benefits that the telecom services will gain from the business analytics system. The system will extend its help to the telecom services in suggesting different plans to both existing subscribers as well as the new subscribers. Similarly they will also use the technique in other services. 

The research firm IDC has claimed that the application of business analytics system in various Indian companies has seen 7% growth till now and there are more options for growth in recent future.

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