Thursday, 9 April 2015

Structured Project Management related PRINCE2 Training Courses

Project Management can be defined as the summarization of various methods such as planning, staffing, controlling, and organizing and others with the help of skills and techniques in an organization. When these methods and processes are properly documented in a written form, it is named as structured project management. PRINCE2 is a structured project management with a logical approach and has been developed for project and organizations of all sizes.

The beginning of the process was in the year of 1989 when Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency established PRINCE. Later in the year of 1996, specialists of project management from almost 150 private and public sector firms reviewed the quality and after implementing certain changes in the method, the process again got released in the month of October. Since that very time PRINCE2 is considered to be the best approach to meet various demands and needs of different project related organizations. It has been standardized internationally and is accepted by many private and public firms globally. This is the reason why the training courses for PRINCE2 have also come into demand. 

The training course for PRINCE2 includes step wise processes and series of methods that are used in the project management since starting till end. It also covers various points about how and where the method can be applied during a project. There are two options of getting trained in PRINCE2. The first option is the Foundation training course for PRINCE2 and the second option is the Foundation training course along with the Practitioner training course of PRINCE2. 

Foundation Training Course

The Foundation training course for PRINCE2 is mainly an introduction to the basic components and methods of the process PRINCE2. Some of the basic objectives of the Foundation training course are:-
  • To know about the factors that helps a project in getting delivered as per the expectations set, 
  • To know about the techniques and components of PRINCE2, 
  • To know how to use the terminology of PRINCE2, 
  • Sitting for the test of PRINCE2 Foundation Certification is the last step. 

Practitioner Training Course

The Practitioner Training Course for PRINCE2 comes in compilation with the Foundation Training Course of PRINCE2. This training course also covers about various process and techniques used in project management along with the basic components that have been trained in the Foundation Course. This particular training also includes case studies and group examinations that finally help an individual to become a practitioner in PRINCE2 process. The various objectives of the Practitioner Training Course of PRINCE2 consist of the following: 
  • How to implement the process of PRINCE2 in different projects?
  • What are the terminologies used in the process of PRINCE2?
  • How to apply the process of PRINCE2 at various scenarios?
  • Final step is to sit for the test of PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification. 

Both the courses of PRINCE2 Foundation Training Course and PRINCE2 Practitioner Training Course can help an individual to put a weight on their resumes and also to make the individuals confident to work in different situations of Project Management.

Skillogic PRINCE2 Certification Training

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  1. Thank you skillogic for coming with this article on PRINCE2, this is very informative and it gave a good over view on this course. Is there any demo classes for this course?

  2. Prince2 or project in controlled environment is used for effective project management and best practiced by UK Government.It is also used in private sectors. Now in Bangalore since most foreign software MNC have been introduced so the demand of these courses are increasing day by day. Skillogic Institute is the best place to master in this course.