Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Skip these seven common mistakes to pass well in ITIL Foundation certification exam

ITIL is known to be the gateway for IT service management and hence many people are now taking this exam. Though the exam is not very difficult but still there are many people who fail in it due to some very common mistakes that they often do. As per the ITIL Certification exam pattern, there are 40 questions from where you have to answer correctly a minimum of 26 questions, thus the passing mark is 65 percent. But if the common mistakes are taken care of then anyone can score above 90 percent very easily. 

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Answers based on experience

People who apply for the ITIL test are often professionals who come from some of the best industries with an experience of many years. But they should understand that it is not necessary that the systems implemented at their workplace are as per the ITIL systems. So, when they try to answer a question as per their experience in their work field, then chances are high that the answer gets wrong. It is important that they should properly go through the materials provided and answer accordingly. 

Lack of Preparation

Many people think that just going through the materials and books for once can get them the passing score of 65 percent. But in fact, it is very much necessary that you should properly read the books and understand the topics so that you can answer questions of any type. Often taking chances with less preparation can land you up in trouble. Always aim for 100 percent, then only you can gain a good score. 

Textbook definitions

It is understandable that it can be a difficult task of memorizing various definitions. But it is important to provide proper definitions in ITIL test to get good score. 

Rushing while reading

Never do this mistake of rushing while reading the question. Always read the question two times to understand it properly before answering it. 

Trick questions

Tricky questions are very common pattern for the ITIL certification tests. These are there to check that you have understood the topics well and have not memorized the materials just in order to pass the test. So, get prepared of it beforehand. 

Gap between training and exam

This can be actually a risk. It is important to stay in practice in order to excel in the ITIL certificate exam. 

Answering dump questions

Though practicing a number of questions can be a good thing but at times the dump questions can be a wrong way. It is always advised to practice from the sample question papers prescribed for ITIL. 

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  1. Well written on common ITIL exam mistakes done by ITIL aspirants, it is not at all hard to get 65% in the exam to clear your paper. In a set of 40 questions where 20 are easy and 20 are tricky questions however you need to answer 26 questions correctly, looks so simple!! Still I request to share previous year dump questions which would be very helpful to me to gain some confident before the exam.