Monday, 15 June 2015

The need to have the method of Six Sigma in an organization

market but also to go ahead of each other. For doing so it is necessary that an organization should come up with such products that can gain high customer satisfaction. In making such products, often the organizations waste high amount of resources that ultimately balances the revenue earned by selling the products. So, though there is a high amount of sale and customer satisfaction, but the profit level is not up to the mark. For such situations, a number of organizations are implementing various tools and techniques such as Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a method using which, the quality of the product and the customer satisfaction is maintained and at the same times, the wastage of resources is also controlled. But the point is that using the method Six Sigma in each and every situation can be actually a wrong decision at times. The method of Six Sigma consists of six different goals. But there are cases when organizations implement Six Sigma just to achieve 3-4 goals. This particular situation can be rather handled by some other tool and technique available in place of Six Sigma those are equally reliable in nature. 

Need of Six Sigma Process in Organization

Goals of Six Sigma

In order to go further with the argument, it is important to know the various six goals of Six Sigma.

  • The method Six Sigma offers eight phases in achieving the goals of the organization. These eight phases are recognizing, defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, controlling, standardizing and integrating.
  • In the process of Six Sigma, such questions are asked for which quantifiable answers are searched so that the organization can have good profitable outcomes.
  • The method of Six Sigma mainly provides the benefit of increased profitability. Along with this, the method also has to offer good quality and high efficiency.
  • The method Six Sigma offers a situation where there are only 3.4 defects in a million opportunities.
  • The goals are achieved through a number of highly focused systems of problem solving that comes under the breakthrough strategy.
  • The main focus of Six Sigma is also to help the organization making saving by developing the issues at the root levels.

Reasons of why Six Sigma is not applicable at all places

If you have gone through the six goals of the method Six Sigma, you must have understood the fact that the method consists of some highly focused systems that intends to develop the root levels in order to provide quality, efficiency and savings. 

But the fact is that all the situations don’t need root level treatment. There are situations where you just need to have the solution for that particular problem. In this case if you will implement Six Sigma, then there will be a waste of time and also may be the method may come up with a wrong solution. It will be far better if you use some other tools relevant to the problem. So, it is very important to think about the problem before implementing the method Six Sigma for a particular problem in your organization. 

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