Thursday, 9 July 2015

Follow these ten tips to pass the ITIL V3 Foundation Exam

For getting a certification by appearing in ITIL V3 Foundation Exam many candidates join classes and many other depend on self study. But whatever may be the channel, a correct way of preparing is required to pass in such examination. If you are preparing for such an examination, then you can follow these ten tips to pass such an examination. 

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Practicing Well
To practice in the correct way, you can take sample exams or sample question papers from the site of APMG. Along with the sample papers you should also follow the Answer Rationales that will provide you information about each question such why a particular answer is correct or where can you find the answer. 

Reading Carefully
In the exam center or even while practicing with the sample papers, it is very much important to read every question and also the answer options properly. While skimming over the paper, you may skip some important points. Hence it is important that you should read everything properly and if required then also twice before answering. 

Thinking ITIL
Professional individuals often tend to answer questions based on their experience in an organization. This can lead to wrong answers and hence you should answer what is there in your ITIL guide. 

Knowing the Keywords
There can be various definitions with certain keywords. It is important to remember these keywords because without them, the whole definition may seem invalid. 

Using Measurable Targets
It is always important to use simple languages while answering your questions and at the same time it is also important to use measurable targets to prove an equation. 

Delivering Value
Always remember that if something is not delivering value then, it does not have any worth. 

Service Design
Five Aspects of Service Design is a part of the ITIL V3 Foundation Course. It is important to remember the five aspects and a very easy thing to do so is with the acronym ‘STAMP’ meaning Service, Tools, Architectures, Measurement and Processes. 

Avoid Confusions
Be clear about various terms used and hence try to stay away from confusions such as that between Service Catalogue and Service Portfolio. 

Knowing the Business Value
Each phase of ITIL provides value to a business and this is important for you to know that which phase will provide what value. 

Connecting processes with Phases
You will be provided different phases or books with different processes. Try to remember well that which phase or book has which process. 

So, these are the ten tips that can help you in passing the ITIL V3 Foundation Exam. Apart from these tips you also have tips such as relaxing before entering a exam center and others. 

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