Monday, 14 September 2015

Knowing about Master Black Belts and their demand in organizations

Among various project management processes, Six Sigma is known to be the one of the most commonly practiced methods in various private and public firms now. Proper grading of different employees in the organization in belts allows the system to work in a streamlines manner. The Blacks Belts are someone who is known to manage the method and related issues in an organization. Thus, a good Black Belt can take the organization to a new height with great results with less wastage. 

There are different ways how these Black belts work to lead the company and take it to a new height of profit and success. Some follow the path of leadership in order to make changes and improvements in the organization, while some follow the consultative way where they work as a team. These Black Belts are capable to be a Master Black Belt. Master Black Belt training consists of DFSS method, Lean approach, Integration of initiatives, Cross-cultural project leaderships, Strategic project selection and performance management. Some other skills that are there in the training are coaching skills, training skills and consulting skills. 

Six Sigma Master Black Belts

Recruiting of a certified Master Black Belt

Nowadays companies are looking for candidates who are already a certified Master Black Belt. But some of these companies scrutinize strictly the certification of the candidates because now there are a number of places from where the candidates can get certification in courses. There are some common parameters that the companies check before they hire a certified Master Black Belt. 

Apart from completing the Master Black Belt exam, the candidate should have additional training program for Master Black Belt training. The candidate should also have experience in additional projects with significant success and also must have the experience of coaching other belts. If a candidate has an experience in some previous organization, then they can be also asked about development of six sigma approach in the organization through various tools. 

Scrutinizing of the candidates is important because hiring a Master Black Belt is an expensive matter for the organizations. So, it is very much important that a candidate should be recruited after proper examination and checking. 

Should one hire professionals or develop their own?

Nowadays a number of organizations are brainstorming and arguing on the topic that whether the professional Master Black Belts should be recruited from outside or should be internally trained. There are both positive and negative view points for both the sides. Candidates who are internally trained have a better knowledge about the system and processes of the organization. But they have to go through extensive training process that may consume lot of time and money before getting results. 

On other hand if talked about the candidates getting recruiting from outside, they have a fresh view about the organization and also they deliver fast results as they are already trained. But again these candidates are expensive because they claim for high salary package. 

Whatever may be the case, having a Master Black Belt in an organization is always a good thing. The professionals have exposure over different departments and hence they can help in different ways to the organization. 

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