Tuesday, 15 December 2015

PRINCE2 Agile Training – a new way to get successful in Project Management

Presently a number of candidates who are fetching jobs in project management are getting themselves trained in various courses such as the PRINCE2. Though there are a number of institutes available right now in the country that offer training in various Project Management courses but the most demanded institute at present in the Skillogic. People offer Skillogic their first preference because it is internationally recognized and also because it has a standardized method of training. 

Skillogic PRINCE2 Agile Certification

Along with the various methods of training in PRINCE2 that Skillogic offers to its candidates, one more method has been recently added and this is the PRINCE2 Agile Training. 

PRINCE2 Agile Training in India

Skillogic has been offering training sessions for PRINCE2 Agile both through online sessions and also through classroom sessions. In India there are still seven cities that have classroom sessions of training and these cities are Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Trivandrum, Pune and Chennai. Apart from these cities other cities have online training sessions and have also recently introduced the Agile Training. 

Understanding PRINCE2 Agile Training

Mainly PRINCE2 Agile Training is said to be the extension of the PRINCE2 training sessions. It is for those who are already trained in PRINCE2 and wish to deal with agile concepts and methods of the organization with more control and governance. Hence today a number of organizations are opting for training candidates in PRINCE2 Agile training for better results. 

The course is also an interface in between agile approached for product and PRINCE2 methods for control. Normally it is said that candidates who have already taken training in PRINCE2 will find the training of PRINCE2 Agile different from each other. The main concept here remains to understand both the approaches and to adapt both to each other. 

The training sessions for PRINCE2 Agile are also supported by theories, practical sessions and others for better understanding.