Friday, 10 June 2016

The detailed comparison between Lean and Agile

To create a different approach on Lean and Agile, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, PMI-certified Project Manager and a Certified Scrum Master, has been described a summery. As per the summary, Lean is obsessed with waste while Agile is obsessed with the users. Lean manages process while uncertainty is managed by Agile. Lean delivers value while Agile delivers working product. There are many more other aspects to look for similarly.

Lean vs Agile

Obsession with Agile and Lean

Agile is something about people which states people interaction and involves the end user who are favored over other types of interactions. Though you are doing a lot of Agile practices, but you are not doing Agile if you get end user involved.

Lean is something about waste. So many people are doing it, but they are not at all looking for new products.

How Agile and Lean manage

Knowing the fact that you don't have any idea of the software until you have built it, smart people have developed as a software development methodology. Agile principles were developed by integrating uncertainty into the product development process. Customers can even give feedback to the team in a certain timeline.

To understand a process you have to experience it, by this thought some genius people have created Lean to manage processes.

What Agile and Lean deliver?

Agile is software that values over documentation. The goal is work the end user does for their feedback. The Agile Manifesto doesn't say that has no documentation is required, but the working software is more valuable than documentation.

The idea of Lean is to deliver the most value. It fully describes and reaches customer requirement or other steps doesn’t add value in some way.

Application of Agile and Lean 

People who are practicing Agile can apply principles to those problems they have encountered. Working software is the way to measure your progress.

People who are practicing Lean can apply heuristics or "rule of thumb". In Lean a heuristic approach is eliminating waste. There are many processes which include issues like gold plating and excess movement along with many others. You can also make more efficient process to lessen down this method.

In an impure state Agile-as-religion occurs. While Agile transformations journeys are long and messy politics may occur. When the organization sticks to the principles and practices, Agile can be implemented successfully.

Without regarding the situation when guru has applied Lean heuristics, “Lean for Lean’s sake” has been raised.

Agile and Lean Practices

While practicing Agile and Lean, you have to understand the whole process and the work well.

  • You need to look at the value in customer’s eyes
  • To share knowledge you should encourage the use of A3 style reports.
  • You should make customers involved directly with the product team.

There is a fundamental difference between Lean and Agile. Lean focuses on eliminating things those are not adding value and concentrating more on what absolutely important in this moment. It concentrates on eliminating inefficient way of working. While Agile team picks and chooses best technical and management practices which are best suited for efficient and effective work.

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