Wednesday, 2 November 2016

How to Prepare for PMP exams?

PMP exams can be tricky to prepare for. It is highly competitive as thousands of candidates appear for it each year. Preparing can be difficult, with a vast syllabus and conflicting opinions from peers. Material for preparation can be found easily, but knowing what sources to trust and what is outdated or irrelevant is the hard part. Here are a few tips on which books to use and how they may benefit you.
PMP Certification Exam

Rita Mulcahy: 

This is one of the most trusted books in PMP preparation. It is rigorous, extensive and covers everything there is to cover in the syllabi. The book is exhaustive in its supply of information. It will help you get acquainted with the exam pattern and with the style of questions usually asked. It contains extremely helpful material on project management.

The book takes far too much time and effort to grasp. There are other alternatives in the market which are simpler to read. The book is meant for nuanced readers, and not for beginners.
The book is scanty in its coverage of ITTOs, making it insufficient in its approach.

Andy Crowe: 

This is a more desirable alternative to the previous option. It covers the syllabus relatively well, and used simple lucid language. The merit of this book lies in its ability to explain complex concepts easily. It does not use technical jargon which confuses new readers. It illustrates management concepts effectively and helps readers understand the ideas communicated by the book with ease.

It covers just the bare minimum of the syllabus. If your aim is to just pass the exam, then this book is ideal. It is not exhaustive in its content. 

Head First: 

This is a respected book because it employs visual aid to help learners. It contains a lot of illustrations, diagrams and other visual representations which not only keep the reader interested and engaged, but communicate essential matter in a succinct form. Some learners have a photographic memory, making them better adept at remembering images rather than words. For learners such as these, this book is ideal as it is one of the few in the market which uses visual aid so generously and so effectively.

Visual aid can be reductive at times. It is not without its flaws, in the sense that visual aids often communicate facts only partially. Also, not every piece of information can be diagrammatically represented. 

Kim Heldman: 

This is considered one of the authorities in the field of PMP preparation. The book strikes the perfect balance between theory and praxis. It is a hit with students owing to its lucid language, systematically arranged content and its effective understanding of the exam requirement.

It is suitable only for beginners. If you want to peruse secondary reading material, then this may seem a tad inadequate. 

Different books cater to different needs. Understand how you wish to prepare and make an informed decision.

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