Monday, 23 January 2017

Right concept of ITIL

You may go through a term ITIL, especially in IT circles. But actually most of the IT managers don’t know what exactly ITIL is. In any trade magazine of United Kingdom, you will definitely find something about ITIL. Tom Mochal has created a list of ITIL concepts. Here are certain highlights to understand the whole thing about ITIL.

Right concept of ITIL

Information Technology Infrastructure Library:

ITIL is basically something which is used to develop and execute the management of IT service. It provides many benefits include some added advantages of cost reduction, growth, and agility. It also offers more business efficiency IT streaming process. It enhances the business value and the goal alignment of IT. It also helps to improve internal customers and the satisfaction of users.

Organization body supports ITIL in United Kingdom:

The ITIL has been approached by 1980s and for many years it has been published on the internet. After noticing by media publications and the mass of large companies people have actually started to know about it. ITPL has been adopted by more than 10,000 organizations at present era.

Books for guidance and recommendations:

To show the changes of technology there are some updates and restructures. With the arrangement of the updates and restructures all together, there are are some series of books available in the market. These books are -

  • Introduction to ITIL
  • Service Support
  • Service Delivery
  • Planning to Implement Service Management
  • Security Management
  • The Business Perspective
  • ICT Infrastructure Management
  • Application Management
  • Software Asset Management
  • Small-Scale Implementation

Not a project management but need a sponsor:

The focus of ITIL is not on creating projects but on delivering IT services to the companies. People want to do the things differently than they have done in the past. To introduce the change you need a strong executive sponsor and that way you can achieve the success. If you don't have any sponsor, you should not go for any implementation and look for success in limit. You can change the culture initiatively by implementing ITIL practices.

ITIL certification: 

  • Foundation is to understand the terms and basic knowledge of ITIL model. 
  • Applying specific and correct ITIL process is called Practitioner.
  • The practitioners who manage ITIL service management functions.

Some other misconceptions:

ITIL only contains some processes and templates, doesn't implement the whole details. This model is used only for delivering IT service. Companies can follow the guidelines for using ITIL, and developing the whole process in details. A company can implement some or entire model. ITIL model at once. There's no any rule of implementing the whole It is not a tool, but you can use tools for its many aspects. If your organization is not that big, you may need simple templates and spread sheets.

If your company is going to use ITIL, make sure that you have understood well about the exact details of ITIL. These are the key facts of helping you to get up with the full knowledge of ITIL.
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