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ITIL, PMP, Or PRINCE2 – Which Program Should You Opt For?

Getting certified on the best practices of project management can fetch you significant impetus for career growth. However, picking the most appropriate certificate program can turn to a daunting task. This article shall extend you the necessary guidance for selecting the right certification program.

The Programs And Their Accrediting Bodies  

IITL stands as the acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library and it’s applied for managing and delivering IT services. As for PMP, which is the abbreviation for the certification for Project Management professionals, deals with the probable ways for attaining higher efficiency to run the projects successfully. PRINCE2 suggests the probable methodologies to attain the improvements, proposed.

AXELOS stands as the accrediting body for PRINCE2 and ITIL and holds the entire ownership on these certifications. You need to approach the Project Management Institute for the PMP accreditation. 

The Steps To Attain These Certification Programs

These certification programs follow its respective paths and you need to keep on attaining the objectives to attain the certification. The PRINCE2 program has options for the foundation and practitioner levels. If you are opting for the ITIL certification, the Pyramid rises in levels like basic, intermediary, MALC, expert, as well as the master level. However, for PMP certification, there are no as such levels.

The Probable Ways For Companies To Use These Certifications 

PIRNCE2 and PMP are recognized globally and considered the top choices among the project management professionals. These certificate programs have been conceived in a manner to enhance the efficiency and to boost the project performance.  

ITIL is considered the best certification program to manage IT services and it includes various model practices, directed towards the creation, execution as well as managing IT services of an organization.

How these certifications differ from each other?

PRINCE2 is a methodology that revolves around a specific process and extends detailed guidance to deliver projects, efficiently and successfully, and meeting a set pre-designed business objective. The Fundamentals of PMP find its basics on the provision, set by PMI. ITIL, another alternative for process-oriented certification program, aims towards efficiently managing IT service delivery. 

The Potentials For The Holders Of These Certifications 

Being a component to the model practices as the Office of Govt. commerce in the United Kingdom conceived, PRINCE 2 is the globally accepted standard for project management, due to its scalability and practicality. 

The fundamental of PMP certification developed in the US soils and as on date, it holds a global reputation for including robust content. As the most effective way to explore, conceive, deliver and supporting IT services, IITL is valued globally.

Which Program Should You Opt For?

The priorities of these certification programs vary from one company to another and in between the industries, it serves. Thus, the choice of the certification program should be made in a style it matches your professional objectives and goals. 

Should You Consider Attaining More Than One Certification? 

If you attain more than one certification, you will acquire the knowledge of all these programs that will enable you to combine the pros from all such certification programs that will produce better career opportunities.

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